Different Wires

I would like to easily explain the Different most common Wires that can be used to vape or vaporize our eLiquid inside an atomizer attached to a PV (Personal Vaporizer):

The Easy Way:

Kanthal, it is the most used wire and most common on all the coils in the market and it can be used on a regular device on regular power or volts mode.

Nickel (NI200) wire, it’s a very low resistance wire and it’s resistance varies when you apply current on it making possible to some devices to control temperature just reading those resistance variations and making calculations. This wire CANNOT be used on regular power mode because of it’s fumes provenient to the Nickel degradation and that’s bad to inhale.

Titanium Wire, works pretty much like the previous one, but it gives you higher resistance then NI200, better ramp up or quick heat and quick cool down, and just like NI200 this wire CANNOT be used on regular power mode because of possible formation of Titanium Dioxide and that’s bad to inhale.

Stainless Steel Wire, on the other hand, can and should be used just as kanthal on regular power mode devices, but with the advantage that it can also be used on temperature control mode on devices that have that function. You can still use it on Titanium temperature control mode on most devices out now but you need to start on the minimum temperature like 200ºF (100ºC) because the Stainless Steel Wire Temperature Coefficient is low compared to Titanium the temperatures will be that off. Me and also other reviewers and vapers agree that the flavor coming from the vapor produced on a coil with this wire, tastes more clean and crispy.


The Advanced Stuff:

Every type of wire has different Temperature Coefficient or TCR and here is the list of the most common and uncommon wires used to vape:

  • Ni200: 0.00620
  • Ti01: 0.00350
  • SS316L: 0.00092
  • SS316: 0.000915
  • SS317L: 0.00088
  • SS317: 0.000875
  • SS304: 0.00105
  • SS430: 0.00138 (shouldn’t be dry burned very very hot as it becomes brittle at very high temperatures but a standard dry burn is no problem)
  • SS410: 0.00155
  • NiFe30: 0.00320
  • Tungsten: 0.00450
  • Platinum: 0.00392
  • Nichrome: 0.00040
  • Gold: 0.00340
  • Iron: 0.00500